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Winter 2011-12 training and games

NOTE: I am using for my primary blog entries, and am using this blog for occasional summary posts... I also use for much of my training (tactics, videos, chess mentor classes, blitz to practice openings, and slow correspondence games).

I am slowly starting to use my new training regimen:

This winter I played one Tuesday night at the Cape Coral Chess Club (Cape Coral FL):

At Cape Coral Chess Club, I also learned about the SouthWest FL Chess Club (Naples FL):

I played at SWFLCC during the January 2012 Swiss tournament on Saturdays. I was traveling a lot, but managed to play on two Saturdays (one rated game each) for a total of two rated games, and a third Saturday for some casual games. Following are the two rated games played at SWFLCC. I used to enter the games and annotation and post to a blog entry:
Round 1:
Round 2:

Next post - Eastern Class 2012 in Sturbridge MA.