Monday, September 22, 2014

Quick Confessional 001, "But almost every move seemed sort of ok (sob!)"

In the spirit of quick confessionals, here is a game with Gunners from the Dan Heisman Art of War Intramural 2. Yes I got "gunned down" as RandomJeff would say, but with seemingly innocent moves that simply left me helpless. I used this game in a study session with "HTRYC" group run by "chessmo" (Kevin), as an example of imbalance between knights (I had two awful knights), and Bishops (Gunners' bishops were great!).
Anyway, enjoy the game below. Don't mind the hashtags, I was being dramatic for the purposes of the study session. After we analyzed the game, it seems like the move 7.Qe2 is a significant offender. You decide:
Funny anecdote. When I was in the study session using a "live" analysis board, Gunners was in live, saw me and challenged me to a 45/45. I wanted to play, but I was also in the middle of explaining this very game to them, lol!

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