Saturday, December 5, 2009

ACIS -- Google Group started
It's restricted to ACIS members, go to the group and ask to join if you want to contribute. You will be asked for your ACIS blog URL, motivation to contribute, etc.

This group was started by Blunderprone and myself. It is for the hard core ACIS members who want to have a place to store links to resources (like wikis and Exeter CC, etc.), as well as kibbitz on discussion groups to help you prepare to make your own blog posts.

Remember, the ACIS method is yours. You are tailoring general ideas into a method that works for you...


  1. I like the ability to upload files in a common area to share. I uploaded a link list of the ACIS of Caissa members signed up on the blogs so people can cut and paste HTML if they need to.

    I also edited the title of one of the resources listed. The second "Pawn structures" list from exeter cc is more of a various list of instructions sorted by ELO level.

  2. Sounds good - and thanks for approving the new members :-)

  3. Needs more emphasis on the Sodium Attack and Basman's Defense.